The World Ranked Safest Destinations

Vacations are for unwinding, not for worrying about terrorism, crime and political upheaval on the rise which makes it difficult to choose a safe place for a vacation. While there is no exact “safe” place on earth, as crime and problems can happen anywhere, there are many places to travel that are quite safe. Here is a selection of the safest places to visit for families, for couples, for just about anyone. The following locations are probably the safest travel destinations, but it does not imply that bad things cannot happen. It simply indicates that bad things are far less likely to occur.


Singapore boasts an extraordinary low homicide rate of 0.38 per 100,000 people and also ranks lowest regarding crime and theft cases. The country warmly treats the holidaymakers with the hygienic environment, extremely clean food and safe drinking water. Furthermore, efficient health care system, proper sanitation, safe accommodation options and ensured security prompts many to come back again.


Another beautiful, as well as a safe destination in the world, is Switzerland. With low crime rate and incredible natural splendors, these European countries make for a mesmerizing vacation. Other factors like clean food and well-developed sanitation facilities take care of other requirements of travelers.


Macau has lots to offer all its tourists – exotic restaurants, the best resorts and lots of casinos that make the nightlife vibrant and exciting. It is a very safe place for all the tourists as the crime rate is as low as zero.


It is probably the safest travel destination in all of northern Europe. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is named “the world’s friendliest city” year after year. It deserves the title. Travel to Finland might cost more, but it’s safe!


Together with Seychelles, Mauritius has the lowest rate of crime in Africa. Mauritius’s location is much further south in the Indian Ocean, and therefore it is safe from piracy.

St. Barthelemy

St. Barthelemy is certainly the safest island in the Caribbean, and it has virtually no crime rate at all. You can walk around in this place at any time -night or day without any fear as there are no muggers or robbers to hassle you. The roads in St. Barthelemy are very steep and narrow, and one should be careful while driving around.

Bhutan The kingdom is settled in the Himalayas, and it’s one of the safest Asian countries. Due to their Buddhist belief and high level of family values, most of the people are poor, and they are some of happiest people in Asia


Greenland, Denmark is a peace-loving city and has the least crime rate, and ill-will towards foreigners is virtually unknown, as long as you follow the basic rules, common sense, and etiquette.

The above mentioned are a few countries that are considered safe regarding crime rate, violence instances, the reaction of people towards foreign tourists and sanitation. Nevertheless, tourists must take appropriate measures to ensure their safety and to have enjoyable vacations.

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