Touring the Wonderful Country Of China

Welcome to China! It’s likely a country as various as you’ll get from your own, so you’ll have heaps of strange encounters. However, at China Highlights, we attempt to go above and beyond for you, with the goal that you will not be simply one more vacationer seeing something similar round of traveler sights in the equivalent way.1 

Ride Through Beijing in a Sidecar 

It is entrancing to ride through the incredible capital city in an outside sidecar and notice the high rises compared among winding rear entryways and back roads that date from more seasoned occasions. 

Do Morning Tai Chi in a Local Park 

There are not many more reviving approaches to begin your day than with morning exercise. 

In China, conventional exercise, for example, qi gong and morning kendo is famous, and you’ll see gatherings of ladies assembling in recreational areas and regularly in the city in neighborhoods after dawn until around 9 am. 

See a Giant Panda 

China is the home of these large cuddly pandas. These delicate monsters regularly are the feature of China trips – particularly when found in nature. See our Giant Panda Special Topic for the lowdown. 

Ride a Camel Across Dunhuang Dunes 

The lesser voyaged spaces of western China are absolutely not to be missed. While for the vast majority the possibility of China doesn’t invoke dreams of camels in the desert, the “City of Sands” holds a firm spot in China’s set of experiences as a stop on the old Silk Road. 

Take a Gondola Through One of China’s Ancient Water Towns 

Venice has its trenches and gondola rides, however China’s waterways are a lot greater and likely a lot more established relying upon the spot you go. You can see protected waterways with old structures and scaffolds in a few urban areas like Shanghai and Hangzhou. This is decisively what you will insight by visiting Zhouzhuang in Shanghai or any of Shanghai’s notable water towns.

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