Planning a Vacation to England

England is part of United Kingdom but tourists who tour in Europe usually take chances to visit this city. Especially since post-Brexit, the pound has weakened making it a lot easier to visit the country.

England remains to be a top destination in the world not to mention its cobblestone paths, unique architecture, and awe-inspiring cityscape.  So if you are planning to visit England, here are a couple of tips that you need to know for a smooth-going trip.

Buckingham Palace

The Bucking Palace is the home of the Queen of England. You can catch a fascinating view of the palance from the ground for free. However, you can check out its interior with a guided tour and admission for $47 USD.

London Tower

London Tower is where you’ll see the crown jewels of England and check out where the country’s popular prisoners were held. The pass to London Tower usually cost around $36 USD which is quite expensive.


Brighton lets you experience a more intimate atmosphere than the downtown area. Thanks to its unique yet narrow neighborhood that makes it a great little town to tour over the weekend.


Liverpool is the seat of students and professionals because of its contemporary business developments. However, as a tourist what you should be coming here is the music or more especially for the love of The Beatles.

Oxford University

Might as well check out the Oxford University where the famous Harry Potter sequel was filmed. Oxford is one of the oldest universities in England so expect your tour guide to be sharing a lot of history, which can be quite endearing.

Planning in advance will help you achieve a hassle-free England tour. While there is no perfect time to visit this city, anytime would be a great time to tour around London. Whether it is sunny or snowy in England, there are so many things to see in this place that you will find yourself returning time and again for new adventure.

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